Areas of Law
Providing you with quality content

Our dedication to provide quality content for clients is what makes us stand out from the competition. LEAP includes Matter Types covering all common areas of law, with easy to complete fields that enable you to automate documents and run all matters efficiently and confidently.

What is LEAP Content?

‘LEAP Content’ is the term we use for the intellectual property that thousands of solicitors within the UK rely upon daily, when using the LEAP Legal Practice Management Platform.

By employing an experienced Content Team, LEAP is committed to updating matter types, calculations, automated legal forms & precedents and legal rates & charges within the solution, allowing your firm to work more efficiently.

Included as part of your LEAP licence you can:

  • Benefit from up-to-date legal rates & charges held within the solution, all calculated and applied (i.e. court fees, interest rates, stamp duty), ensuring accurate costing.
  • Have access to over 3,000 automated legal forms & precedents across the most common areas of law.
  • Automate and include your own commonly used document templates within the software, ensuring accuracy and consistency of use across the practice.
  • Proactive to legislative changes, we monitor ongoing form changes so you don't have to, ensuring you remain compliant.

Providing quality content across all common areas of law.