Achieving excellence through innovative technology

The LEAP Best Practice Standard presents a level of excellence to legal providers of conveyancing.

  • Best practice becomes a natural consequence when processing conveyancing transactions from within the software.
  • Your reputation is maintained and validated through independent audits, providing you with a competitive edge in the industry.
  • Provide confidence to your clients and display commitment to service excellence.
  • Achieving the standard attracts new clients, potential referrers helps develop your business and builds lasting relationships.

Register your interest in the Best Practice Standard now and take advantage of our offer to receive £2000 worth of free independent audits.

Trinity Indemnity

LEAP’s partnership with Trinity Indemnity offers law firms access to a team of specialist brokers that provide comprehensive and agile PII cover to the legal profession. Using LEAP allows your firm to manage their matters more and the LEAP Best Practice Standard’s regular audits help to show proactive risk management. Find out more about PII here.

Discover if you meet the standard

LEAP’s innovative cloud based practice management platform makes it easy to achieve the best practice standard at no additional expense.

This enables legal providers to document and manage matters throughout all stages of the conveyancing process, streamline your business, increase efficiency, reduce risk and make more money.

Maximise your profits

Maximise your profits.

Generate valuable new business

Generate valuable new business.

Demonstrate outstanding service

Demonstrate outstanding service.

Ensure compliance and reduce risk

Ensure compliance and reduce risk.