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Save valuable time and resources: LEAP provides a completely integrated Legal Aid software package including a case management and billing solution, all in one so you don’t need multiple systems or processes. The selection of the correct billing mode when setting up your matter results in all the applicable documents, audit reports, rules, rates and charges automatically associating themselves with the matter you are working on.

Manage all your matters: LEAP provides both Criminal and Civil Legal Aid matter types for work in England and Wales.

Get paid faster: Legal Aid in LEAP is not a separate system and we do not charge you for using this. Plus, all the submissions for payment you need to get claims in by the 20th are available at your fingertips so you get paid faster.

Stay compliant: LEAP works closely with the Legal Aid Agency, making regular enhancements to the software to ensure that it complies with the latest requirements. All requirements are constantly up to date and in one place.

For more information on Legal Aid in LEAP please visit the legal aid features page.

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