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At which step are you in regards to your case management software needs?

Adopting the right legal case management software is crucial to your law firm’s success. However, upgrading to a new system can seem daunting! It is natural to be concerned about the security of your historic data and documents, having access to it after you have upgraded as well as how the change will affect your staff, your workflow, your clients and your bottom line.

You are in safe hands with LEAP. With over 20 years of providing law firms with innovative software solutions to help them grow, make more money and provide a better service. We know how law firms work, what is important to them and how to provide as smooth a transition as possible from other software providers to LEAP.

LEAP can easily convert your data from:

  • Aim (Flat File)
  • Aim (SQL)
  • Alpha Law
  • Cognito
  • DPS
  • FWBS
  • iLaw
  • Insight Legal
  • Laserform
  • LawByte
  • LawPro
  • Legal Ledger
  • LegalOffice LA
  • LegalOffice SP
  • LineTime
  • Meridian
  • MountaIn (DBF)
  • MountaIn (SQL)
  • MYLegalOffice
  • OfficeCase
  • Opsis
  • Osprey
  • Paragon
  • PC Law
  • Perfect Books
  • PrintAForm Plus
  • Professional Technologies
  • Quill
  • Red Brick
  • Sage
  • Select Legal
  • Solidus
  • Sol-Ledger
  • SOS
  • StrongBox
  • TFB
  • Videss

The Team

LEAP has a team of conversion specialists based out of our international data conversion centre in Edinburgh whose sole responsibility it is to look after your firm’s transition process. The team have completed more than 1,000 electronic data conversions from competitor systems in the UK and they are dedicated to making your switch to LEAP as smooth as possible.

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