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The importance of using the latest technology

LEAP is a cloud based practice management platform focused on providing everything you need to run your law firm with great efficiency. Our Edgebyte software is no longer available to purchase.

With LEAP, your legal practice works from one cloud database, with access to a library of automated legal forms and precedents, powerful productivity tools, and sophisticated time recording, billing and accounting software.

LEAP Legal Software | Mobility

Mobility – Work anywhere, any time and on any device or web browser

LEAP Legal Software | One System

One system – Easy to use and fully integrated

LEAP Legal Software | No Servers

No Servers – Simplify you IT, lower your costs

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Investing more than £8,000,000 a year into the research and development of the solution ensures your legal practice has access to the very latest technology such as the cloud, providing powerful features that allow mobile working and secure document sharing.

Our team of data specialists have performed more than 1,000 data transitions to LEAP, so that we can provide a smooth switch to LEAP and support your firm throughout the process.

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