LEAP 365

Every device. The same information.

Introducing LEAP 365

The latest innovation in legal practice management software for law firms.

Anyone within a law firm using LEAP can now access up to date, client, accounting and matter information from whichever device they have on them, from wherever they are. This ground-breaking technology gives a plethora of extra benefits to law firms that has not been available ever before;

  • Work is no longer a place, it is an activity. You can now capitalise on previously wasted hours out of the office by working on the go.
  • Every device. The same information. No matter which device you choose to work from; PC, mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you will see the same information. Data syncs in real time, enabling instant access to all your firms up to date information.
  • With your matter information at your fingertips, firms using LEAP 365 can significantly increase the quality of service provided to clients, responding instantly without having to wait until returning to the office. This builds trust, encourages repeat business and provides you with a competitive advantage.
  • You can now merge letters, forms, and templates with client data from within your browser, this opens up the opportunity for those using Mac computers to also take advantage of this new legal technology innovation.
  • LEAP 365 speeds up communication and collaboration within a firm which immensely improves organisational efficiency, allows law firms to do more work and make more money!
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Learn more on how this ground-breaking new software innovation from LEAP is revolutionising the legal industry and changing how law firms work.

LEAP 365 Mobility

Extra Mobility

A lawyers’ work no longer revolves around their desks as they can work from many different mobile devices. This offers greater work/life balance, less stress and more time for family and personal achievements which results in more peace of mind.

LEAP 365 Service


Because you can access to up to date matter information from anywhere your response time to your client is faster. By providing a better service you encourage repeat business to your law firm.

LEAP 365 Efficiency


LEAP 365 offers lawyers quicker collaboration and communication. When any stakeholder updates information in a matter, the update will be available to all stakeholders via the devices that they have on or near them, instantly.

LEAP 365 Accessibility


As long as the lawyer has a device on or near them that has an internet connection, they can access their data. This means they can do more work/billing during the times they usually would have wasted such as waiting in court. Therefore, they can make more money.

LEAP 365 Organisation


LEAP 365 reduces the need for a lawyer to print out copies of documents as their documents follow them wherever they go. This means less paper wastage, a cleaner office with less storage space required. It makes the lawyer more mobile as they don’t have to carry big manila folders and it also provides greater data security for clients.