As a supporter of law firms carrying out publicly funded work, LEAP continually develops software to help law firms become more efficient and to meet Legal Aid Agency requirements, ensuring compatibility with their systems.

Recent developments to LEAP include:

  • Support for multiple time entries
  • Fees and disbursements
  • Fixed fees for Civil Legal Aid (Legal Help/ Controlled Work)
  • Smarter bolt on payments (Mental Health and Immigration)
  • Simplified recording of FAS, CPGFS & PFLRS for Family and Care matters


legal aid details screens

Be more efficient

Work as you would with private matters. Once a matter is set up, the applicable data fields, documents, reports, rates, and charges will be automatically associated with the matter, ensuring that you only record items at the correct rate or fee and disbursements, applicable to that work type.

Stay Compliant

LEAP works closely with the Legal Aid Agency, making regular improvements and ensuring that all rates and forms are kept up to date. All updates are included as part of your monthly LEAP subscription. Automation of pre-populated fields means you can complete your form in an instant.

Get paid faster

The integrated submission for both Civil and Criminal work types via CWA, ensures claims can be checked, and submitted electronically in readiness for payment.

Save valuable time and resources

Access a library of up-to-date legal aid forms including the CRM11, CW1 and EC-Claim form. Quickly and accurately merge your matter data into a document to produce your form.

legal aid multiple billable items

Areas of law


  • Investigations
  • Proceedings
  • Appeals & Reviews
  • Prison Law
  • Crown Court (LGFS and AGFS)


Civil (Controlled & Licenced)

  • Family & Care
  • Immigration
  • Mental Health
  • Housing
  • Mediation
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Public Law
  • Welfare Benefits



  • Education
  • Personal Injury
  • Debt
  • Community Care
  • Action Against the Police
  • Consumer General
  • Employment
  • Miscellaneous