Financial services made easy

Financial services made easy

Seamless integration with LEAP

RapidPay delivers a smart way for law firms to get paid, providing services to help create back office efficiencies, improve cash flow and generate cost savings.

RapidPay seamlessly and securely integrates with LEAP. This allows you to invoice and receive funds as soon as you are entitled to.

Discover a smarter way for your law firm to get paid.

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Online payment options

Offer your clients the option to pay online, helping them better manage their cash flow and pay you on time.

Automate your receipts

Your bank transactions are automatically receipted against the relevant invoice or posting slip in LEAP and the receipt is automatically sent to the relevant contact.

Bank reconciliation made easy

Automatically import your bank data to enable simple and easy reconciliation of your bank transactions.

Automated payment reminders

Set payment reminders via email and text notifying clients that payment is due.