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Our strategic partnership with Zylpha Software gives you access to outstanding trial bundle technology.

Creating an indexed and paginated document has never been easier. Our integration with Zylpha utilises your LEAP matter data, helping to automate much of the process when creating your trial bundle.

The intuitive interface makes light work of a previously time consuming process helping you to complete a trial bundle or brief to counsel in minutes.

Templates also include a fully customisable cover page that can be tailored to the individual firm requirements, including logos and font specifications.

Multiple users can collaborate on the creation of a bundle by saving a project back to LEAP, meaning it can be amended at a later date with new content. Zylpha also enables the user to reorder, rename and re-date all content.

Once the project is complete, Zylpha builds you an interactive PDF that can be used on all of your devices whilst you are at court or with clients.

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For more information visit: www.zylpha.com/LEAP

How does Zylpha work with LEAP?

Zylpha integrates with LEAP so you can view all matters and correspondence for the purpose of creating a bundle. Zylpha is stand-alone software installed on Windows 10.

Efficient Save countless hours when producing indexed and paginated documents.

Collaborative collaboration on bundle contents is made easy by the intuitive user interface enabling all vested parties to contribute.

User friendly The Zylpha interface enables multi-screen working making it easier to view complex bundles in a non-restricted interface.

Flexible Add additional materials into a bundle and automate the indexing and paginations saving you both time and hassle.

Accurate Create your bundles with accuracy, with full transparency of all your content avoid costly mistakes.

Competitive Work smarter and faster than your competitors by digitalising the process of creating a PDF bundle.

Zylpha User Interface

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