Litigation Centre of Excellence

Litigation Centre of Excellence

Supporting LEAP clients on their journey to digital litigation

In a profession where reputation and consistency of working methods are held in such high esteem, digitising the practise of litigation can seem like an unnerving proposition.

Recognising the long term gains of becoming digital, LEAP has set up the Litigation Centre of Excellence, a centre dedicated to helping litigators work smarter, achieving the best outcome for their clients in the most timely manner.


Simplicity in design - With clean, well thought-out and intuitive design, LEAP simplifies the transition to digital litigation by recognising the importance of traditional working methods within the structure and development of the software.

World Class Content

World-class content - Aid evidence preparation and help manage the litigation process more effectively. With access to a library of up-to-date, highly-automated litigation forms and precedents and the Criminal Offences Handbook, litigators can meet the civil and criminal procedure rules with ease.

Improved collaboration

Improved collaboration - Sharing, editing and preparing case information directly with your barrister or client provides transparency and greater communication offering a more precise and focused way of working.

Complete mobility

Complete mobility - A lifeline for litigators. Access to real time matter information and internal systems when out at court improves productivity and information sharing with colleagues.

Reputation built on best practice

Reputation built on best practice - Prepare and present cases with confidence displaying the professionalism and working practices expected of a modern-day litigator, building trust with both your client and peers.

Discover LEAP’s powerful tools helping litigators to work more productively.