One Case Management System to run your law firm profitably

For law firms accessing your client data and information from multiple platforms and
numerous locations can prove inefficient, costly and frustrating to both law firm and client.

Are you trying to run a 21st century law firm with a system of cobbled together software from different suppliers? For example, an email management system from one supplier, accounting system from a second and your legal documents and precedents from a third?

If this sounds familiar, you are probably:

  • Paying too much for your systems;
  • Not working efficiently across the business;
  • Falling behind your more nimble competitors, and
  • Not retaining or attracting the best talent because they want modern, cloud-based practice management tools to do great work, simply and effectively

Although change is hard, without it, gradual demise is inevitable and you will slowly be going out of business.

Ready to change?

Take control and steer your firm towards a brighter future, Make 2018 your year of change and switch to LEAP, more than 13,000 law firms currently use LEAP software to help their clients. LEAP combines all your systems for email management, document management and accounting into a one case management system, allowing you to:

  • Work with "real time data" to instantly access your client details
  • Improve communication and client service within your firm
  • Reduce the risk of error and duplication of work
  • Increase productivity in your firm
  • Reduce your IT costs
  • Work efficiently and collaboratively across matters
  • Work remotely anywhere, anytime via laptop or mobile phone
one case management system

Everything you need
to run
a law firm.

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