Practice management conveyancing software

Providing everything you need to complete a conveyancing transaction. With integrated searching, completion statements and legal accounting, LEAP’s cloud-based software makes conveyancing easy.

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Conveyancing case management software

LEAP develops practice management conveyancing software that provides everything you need to complete a matter. With integrated, up-to-date and fully automated forms and precedents, integrated accounting, time recording and more, LEAP’s cloud-based software streamlines the progression of your conveyancing matters.


Pre-configured conveyancing matter types

Developed by conveyancing specialists, conveyancing matter types provide all fields necessary to capture pertinent information. This information is used to generate documents and optimise other key features of LEAP using the pre-filled client and matter information.

LEAP includes the following conveyancing matter types: Sale, Purchase, Remortgage, Buy to Let, Right to Buy, Transfer, Landlord and Tenant and many more.


Automated legal forms and precedents

Access a library of up-to-date legal forms, precedents and documents needed to conduct a conveyancing matter including:

  • Completion Statement

  • Client Care and Terms of Business

  • Property Information Forms (TA6)

  • Fixtures and Fittings (TA10)

  • Application to Change the Register (AP1)

Input your client’s information into your conveyancing matter once and the same details are repeatedly merged each time you generate a new document.

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Conveyancing Best Practice Standard

The LEAP Best Practice Standard accreditation is a mark of excellence achieved through the use of our innovative technology, improving both communication and service.

Combining good practice with our conveyancing software, those that have achieved the standard put the client at the very heart of everything they do.

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End-to-end digital conveyancing

Within LEAP you can connect to the InfoTrack platform at the click of a button to help complete your conveyancing matters. With just one window and one login, this removes the need to visit multiple sites to access information, obtain your searches, submit your SDLT, lodge your AP1, onboard clients electronically, automate your report on title and much more.


Integrated searching and settlement services

Seamlessly order searches in LEAP conveyancing software via InfoTrack. Search orders are populated with matter-specific information and are automatically saved to your LEAP matter with the cost recovery recorded in the matter ledger.

Place search orders through multiple agencies for various services at the same time.

Instead of dealing with numerous suppliers, you simplify the process by making a single payment to InfoTrack, who manages payments to all agencies on your behalf.

Frequently asked questions

Make more money from practising conveyancing

LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market as it includes traditional practice management and legal accounting attributes, document assembly and management, as well as many of the traditional legal publishing assets all in one solution.

  • Case management

  • Mobile capabilities

  • Time recording

  • Integrated accounting

  • Reporting

  • Automated content

  • Secure document sharing

  • Self-serve client portal

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