Secure and compliant software for law firms

Military-grade AES-256 encryption ensures your data is protected both in-transit and at-rest, and in-built security features means only those that can access your data should.

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Safeguarding your data

LEAP has achieved SOC 2 certification, recognsied as a gold standard for security compliance among SaaS companies. This certification underscores our steadfast dedication to upholding the highest levels of security and confidentiality in protecting our customer's data. We are also CyberEssentials certified.


Backed by Amazon Web Services

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable data, we've opted to partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Renowned for setting the industry standard in security, AWS aligns with global best practice standards. With a network architecture tailored to meet the needs of the most security-sensitive organisations worldwide, including NASA, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna, AWS offers a level of protection that exceeds traditional hosted solutions.

innovations Two-Factor Authentication

Protect sensitive data

Monitor who is accessing LEAP and remotely manage their instance to limit unauthorised access. Two-factor authentication protects your data further by requiring a secondary verification sent to your mobile device. Lock matter access to specific users to limit the exposure of sensitive data.


Long term data security

The LEAP Marketplace has stringent controls over which partners have access to your data. We ensure that only the highest security standards are met when working with integration partners, giving you the assurance that your LEAP data cannot be compromised.

Effortless Compliance Reporting

Effortless Compliance Reporting

Tracking compliance efforts has never been easier. Our reporting tools provide comprehensive insights into your practice's adherence to regulatory requirements. Generate compliance reports with ease, allowing you to stay proactive in maintaining the highest standards of legal practice.

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Streamlined Onboarding with eCOS

Our integration with InfoTrack's electronic client onboarding solution ensures a seamless, paperless onboarding process. This means faster client onboarding, reduced administrative burden, and a more eco-friendly approach to client interactions.

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Ensuring Regulatory Compliance with SRA

In an ever-evolving legal landscape, maintaining compliance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is paramount. With industry-leading security measures and a reliable infrastructure, LEAP provides the foundation to uphold the highest level of regulatory compliance aligned with the SRA.

Solicitors Accounts Rules (SAR) Compliance

SRA Accounts Rules Compliance

Meeting the SRA Accounts Rules (SAR) is essential for any legal practice. Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with SRA requirements, offering you the confidence that your financial transactions are in strict compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Conlfict Check App

Comprehensive Conflict Checker

Safeguarding against conflicts of interest is non-negotiable in the legal profession. Our robust conflict checker provides an extensive and meticulous examination of potential conflicts, ensuring your practice adheres to the strictest ethical standards.

Best Practive Standard

The Best Practice Standard

As part of our commitment to ongoing excellence, we partner with the Centre for Assessment (CFA) to conduct quarterly independent file reviews. These invaluable assessments are provided to your practice at no additional cost, ensuring you maintain the highest standards in legal service provision.

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Protect your law firm's data with compliant software

  • Private cloud-based legal software

  • Secure data with Amazon Web Services

  • Remote and mobile working capabilities

  • Effortless compliant reporting

  • Streamlined onboarding with eCOS

  • Protect your data with Multi-Factor 2FA

  • Regulatory compliance with the SRA

  • Comprehensive conflict checker