Legal accounting software for law firms

LEAP provides a comprehensive suite of tools to run your accounts and remain compliant with your regulator, reducing risk and providing a full audit trail of transactions in an incorruptible record.

LEAP Client Ledger
Client Matter Ledger

Every transaction

With every transaction you need to manage your client’s finances, LEAP makes understanding accounts easy. Capture all your client funds, designated deposits, invoices, and disbursements in one application, giving you transparency over your client’s financial relationship with you.

LEAP SRM Lawyers Client Account

Built-in compliance

Managing your client’s money is an important obligation that must be handled carefully.

Our checks and balances ensure that you will never use the money you are not entitled to and provide adequate warnings where there is a risk that you might.

Automated reconciliation simplifies your procedures, keeping your accounts up-to-date with ease.

LEAP Nominal Ledger

Best of breed accounting

Take advantage of seamless integrations with world-class accounting platforms to complement LEAP’s integrated legal accounting. Manage your tax online, complete payroll, and pay invoices on time while keeping track of expenses.

With a full suite of financial reports, your business has never been easier to manage.

LEAP Transaction Requests

Transaction approval workflows

For larger firms with centralised accounting processes, having transparency, oversight and control over your transactions promotes accountability and lowers risk.

Through the LEAP Transactions Request app, you can rest assured that your finances are managed correctly to minimise errors and increase accuracy.

Legal Accounting - Billing

Flexible billing options

Simplify your accounting with LEAP’s billing tools. Manage your client accounts and capture all disbursements. With a range of customisable billing templates, you can quickly create invoices, receipts and pre-billing guides.

Legal Accounting - Client

Compliant legal accounting

Manage client accounting with ease with every financial transaction for deposit, client and office accounts automatically saved in one place. Compliant with SAR and SRA rules and guidelines.

Legal Accounting - Reporting

Produce reports with confidence

Using live data, strategic reports can be run at any time for any period, populated with your law firm's key information. LEAP’s range of reports help to manage the performance of the business and inform future planning. Advanced reporting is also available via RedView.

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Manage complex transactions with client and office accounting

  • Compliant with the Solicitors Regulation Authority rules and guidelines

  • Automatic time recording on activities

  • Up-to-date legal rates and calculations

  • Customisable billing codes and fixed fee entries

  • Seamless integration with Xero and QuickBooks Online

  • Fully customisable invoice templates with seamless MS Word integration

  • Reporting software that helps you run your firm efficiently

  • Offer clients more flexible and accessible payment options with LEAP Online Payments

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