Commitment to innovation

LEAP reinvests more than £13 million a year into delivering the very latest technology and software enhancements to provide the best practice management software in the world.

Innovation timeline - 2.5 and Generator

July 2024 | LEAP Desktop

LEAP 2.5 and Generator

The latest update of LEAP Desktop includes several productivity enhancements.

Our headline feature, the Generator, links together LawY and Matter AI together alongside Guides and Precedents to make working with documents much more efficient. We also include tools to make it easier to manage documents between Cards, Matters and Document Register, integration with Microsoft Teams v2, simplifying how you write to multiple recipients and staff signature fields.

Find out more about LEAP 2.5.


June 2024 | LEAP App Update

Legal Aid app

Legal Aid has been updated to include additional functionality alongside better authentication methods with LEAP Desktop to give more stability and an improved user experience.

This version introduces bulk receipting for monthly submissions, better handling of Payments on Account and a new Duty Solicitor compliance report.

Find out more through the LEAP HelpCentre.

Innovations - MAR

June 2024 | LEAP Desktop

Matter Activity Recording

Take away the guesswork of manual time entry with Matter Activity Recording. Our innovative AI algorithms capture time as you work in your matter, eliminating the need for timers and manual time recording. Track lost time, eliminate waste and bill more.

Discover how MAR can improve your billing.

Legal Software Integrations - Workflow work items

June 2024 | LEAP App Update

Workflow app

LEAP’s Workflow has been updated to include milestones and is now more embedded into LEAP. Milestones can be used to track the progress of a matter. Simply set a Group to be a Milestone, and you’ll be able to see where the Workflow is up to at a glance.

The Milestone overview enables managers to track the progress across multiple workflows. Workflow is a free app, available to all.

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Innovation timeline - Matter AI

April 2024 | LEAP Desktop

Legal AI Innovation

LEAP uses AI to intelligently examine your matter to provide instant insights and information. It examines your correspondence to identify important data and give a detailed response in seconds and generates professional quality documents in a fraction of the time.

Ask it anything.

Find out how to embrace a new era of productivity and efficiency in legal practice with Matter AI.

Innovation Timeline - Power BI

April 2024 | New Integration

LEAP Connector for Power BI

Gain valuable insights into your data with the LEAP Connector for Power BI. Build custom reports and dashboards to enhance your firms’ analytics and simplify the collation of data across multiple systems.

By connecting to Power BI, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry and spreadsheet manipulation, streamline your decision making with accurate and timely data, and be confident you are acting on the most up to date information.

Discover more about the LEAP Connector for Power BI.

Innovation Timeline LawY


Your trusted AI legal assistant

LawY is the only AI legal assistant that generates answers to your legal questions from an expanding legal knowledge base, where answers are then verified by real, qualified lawyers. This blend of cutting-edge AI and human expertise is at the heart of our service, empowering you with accurate answers you can trust.

Learn more about LawY.



Estate Administration app

The Estate Administration app provides the tools you need to manage your Probate and Estate Administration matters by simplifying the collection and management of data for assets, liabilities, and expenditures whilst the deceased’s estate is in administration.

The data entered synchronises with LEAP to deliver full automation of the Inheritance Tax (IHT) forms and the STEP standard Estate Accounts for distribution to beneficiaries.

More information can be found on the LEAP Help Centre.



LEAP Desktop 2.4

The latest LEAP update introduces a wide range of new features and enhancements.

This includes support for shared calendars, the ability to schedule appointments and tasks on behalf of other staff members, improved notifications, auto-recovery of unsaved Word documents, and the ability to change staff roles in bulk from one matter to another.

More information is available on the LEAP Help Centre about this new version.

innovation timeline 2 factor authentification


LEAP Mobile Authenticator

The LEAP Mobile app has been updated to serve exclusively as a LEAP Authenticator. Firm administrators now have the option to limit staff members' access to matters and cards within the LEAP Mobile app.

Find out more information on the LEAP Help Centre.



Conflict Check app

The conflict-of-interest check stands as a fundamental procedure within your firm's operations. Its execution has been simplified within LEAP through the introduction of the Conflict Check app.

It seamlessly integrates four processes into a user-friendly and straightforward tool with a single click. The check is preserved in a permanent record, offering a comprehensive audit trail.

More information can be found on the LEAP Help Centre.



Introducing the LawConnect Client Portal

Equipped with enhanced security features, the new LawConnect Client Portal’s streamlined layout makes it easier for end clients to navigate their matters and action pending items on their desktop or mobile device.

As a result, lawyers spend less time chasing up clients and more time focusing on work that matters.

Alongside custom branding to match the firm, LawConnect now provides a timeline view which makes it much easier for your law firm’s clients to understand where their matters are and what actions they need to take.

Find out more about the LawConnect Client Portal.



LEAP User Portal

Streamline your onboarding experience with the self-service LEAP User Portal, allowing you to access and manage your account before, during and beyond your LEAP installation.

Troubleshoot issues through the Help Centre, contact your Legal Practice Advisor or upskill via LEAP University, which provides quick online tutorials to help you unlock the full automation power of LEAP - all in one location.

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Updates to reports

LEAP Reports receives a series of significant improvements across a number of existing reports including adding much more data to the Compliance Report and Matter Numbers added to the Bank Reconciliation Report.

Additional filters for Staff Assisting and Billing Categories have been added to an additional 10 reports.

We’ve also created a new report for Appointments, in addition to the existing Critical Dates and Matter Tasks reports.

Find a list of all available LEAP Reports here.



By Lawyers’ Criminal Offences app

The Criminal Offences app, provides context-specific sentencing guidance for the most significant offences committed in Crown and Magistrates’ courts.

Presented in a questionnaire format, the app helps prepare for sentencing hearings when instructed to act for a client charged with an offence.

Find out how the Criminal Offences app could be helping your firm today.



LEDES Billing app

The Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) details a series of code sets that law firms use to classify services on electronic invoices that they send to clients.

LEDES is an acronym for Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard, and LEDES format refers to legal invoices that adhere to those standards.

With our LEDES E-billing app, you can easily capture UTBMS codes as you work, raise invoices, identify and fix errors. Then, quickly generate and export single or multiple 1998B or 1998BI formatted electronic bills. These can then be imported into external e-billing systems as required.

Find out more here about the LEDES E-Billing app.

Innovations Timeline - PI Portal app


PI Portal app

For firms undertaking low value personal injury claims, our fully integrated PI Portal app streamlines the process of managing claims made through the Claims Portal.

The seamless integration with LEAP Desktop simplifies the claims process and communication between parties, ensuring efficiency throughout. Inbuilt validation guarantees the correct data is submitted, meaning you can be confident that your claim will be processed on time.

All claim types are available across RTA, Employers Liability and Public Liability.

Find out more by following the link to our latest innovation update.



Receipt Requests app

Our Receipt Requests app complements LEAP Desktop by providing fee earning staff the tools they need to advise the accounts department of incoming funds into your client account.

With a few clicks, the accounts department can post the monies due to LEAP once they are received into your bank, with no need to re-key any data. Through the inbuilt auditing you can easily track what was requested and by whom, giving you complete transparency over your accounts processes.

More information is available through the LEAP Help Centre.

Innovations | Desktop App


New Call Logging app

Our fully integrated Call Logging app for LEAP Desktop delivers an easy-to-use, centralised register for all inbound telephone enquiries. Simple to use, easily capture the nature of an enquiry, allocate it to a Card or Matter and assign it to a staff member.

Through the integration with LEAP’s notifications, staff instantly know whether they must attend to an enquiry. Each call captures the detail of the enquiry, with a full audit trail of the changes made and the status of the call.

Find out more by following the link to the LEAP Help Centre.



Critical Dates enhancement

Managing Critical Dates has been made more user-friendly with the introduction of Calculated Critical Dates.

This means that it's possible to set future dates based on their dependency of other Critical Dates.

For example, the Limitation Date in an RTA matter is now automatically calculated based on the Accident Date, or the claimants age if a minor.

Read more about the Critical Dates update.

Innovations - LEAP University


LEAP Desktop 2.3

This update includes many new features in most key areas of the product.

This includes Google integration in address and company searches, the tools to draft pre-defined clauses for use in precedents, improved fee allocation, enhanced document sharing and negative interest rates (Republic of Ireland only).

More information is available on the LEAP Help Centre about this new version.

Innovations | iPad App


New LEAP iPad app

The new iPad app has been specifically built for the new iPadOS released by Apple, bringing many new productivity features including an integrated calendaring and a much slicker user experience.

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