Document automation and management software for law firms

Thousands of up-to-date and integrated legal forms and precedents out of the box let you work smarter, not harder.

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Matter AI

Get instant answers from your matters

LEAP uses AI to intelligently examine your LEAP matter to provide instant insights and information. It examines your correspondence to identify important data and give a detailed response in seconds, generating professional-quality documents in a fraction of the time. Ask it anything.


Produce legal documents with ease

Automate the generation of pre-populated legal forms and precedents based on your matter data with no setup or ongoing maintenance requirements. Our experienced team keeps the library up-to-date, saving you time and eliminating the risk of mistakes.

Document Editing LEAP

The Document Customisation Engine

Our Document Customisation Engine allows you to customise forms and precedents to utilise the power of automation in your own documents to your exact needs. With limited technical expertise, you can build a comprehensive suite of custom forms and precedents to help grow your brand, reduce administrative costs and minimise risk.

Document Matter Management | LEAP UK

Work with the tools you use every day

Seamless integration with Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams maximises productivity and increases your billable time. Easily assign documents and emails to matters, synchronise your LEAP documents across all your connected devices and work collaboratively with your colleagues.

Document Matter Management | LEAP UK

File, find and control

Centralise your document storage, backed up in real time across all devices. Find the documents easily through advanced tools within live and archived matters, capture and manage versions, and track the status of shared documents from the matter.

Legal Document Management - Document collaboration

Automate complex documentation

Your matter details can pre-populate your documents on generation. Formulas and calculations can be included to help automate the most complex documentation to prevent unwanted errors.

Automation Content - Charges

Up-to-date legal fees

Our dedicated team of content specialists ensure that the latest court and Land Registry fees are available directly in LEAP. These up-to-date legal rates save you search time and are available as automated fields to insert into your documents.


Tailor made solution

The LEAP App Marketplace offers a wide range of apps that extend LEAP’s capabilities to suit the needs of your firm. Complementing our core product, the continually evolving suite of apps are purpose-built to increase your firm’s efficiency and profitability in specific aspects of the practice of law.

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Document automation within LEAP

  • Automate documents to ensure consistency and minimise errors

  • Add matter details to any of 1,000+ pre-configured matter types across the most common practice areas

  • Populate matter details into all your legal documents to increase your productivity

  • Use the extensive in-built library of up-to-date legal forms and documents

  • Create and customise your law firm’s own letters and precedents

  • Manage documents and e-mails with LEAP’s seamless Microsoft Office integration

  • View, edit and save documents from the LEAP Mobile app

  • Easily calculate court fees, land registry fees, and complex financial forms

  • Access the exclusive integration with By Lawyers' library of up-to-date legal content

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