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5 ways to make the most of your LEAP investment

March 4, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of legal practice, staying ahead often involves embracing cutting-edge technologies that reduce administrative work so you can stay productive, profitable and maintain a competitive advantage. As the global leader in developing integrated Legal Practice Productivity Solutions, LEAP offers features that can drastically improve the way you work.

Here are the 5 essentials you can start using today to make your firm more productive and profitable.

Draft all your documents inside LEAP

Drafting legal documents manually is a time-consuming process, demanding considerable time for research, formatting and meticulous fact-checking. This manual approach also raises the risk of inconsistencies in design, style and overall presentation. Even the smallest oversight may result in notable discrepancies, undermining the professional and cohesive image that your law firm aims to project.

With LEAP, drafting your documents has never been more intuitive. LEAP tailors drafting options based on how you like to work. This not only provides flexibility in design but also ensures that your firm’s branding, letterhead, logo, style and font are all seamlessly integrated.

Thanks to the power of automation, LEAP offers an added advantage in document drafting. When drafting a document or letter, matter information such as addressee details and subject lines, are automatically populated from the pre-filled data already entered in LEAP. This eliminates the need for repetitive typing, streamlining the drafting process and enhancing efficiency.

Access a library of up-to-date court and government forms

Using outdated or incorrect forms may result in errors in legal documents which can have serious consequences for law firms. This includes inaccuracies in information or submissions being rejected or delayed due to non-compliance. To avoid such consequences, staff are required to manually research and locate the most current court and government forms, a task that consumes valuable time.

Direct access to a library of updated and jurisdiction-specific forms is crucial to ensure compliance and efficiency. Maintained by a dedicated legal research team for accuracy, these forms are generated in Microsoft Word, ensuring unparalleled ease and convenience.

Add your own documents to the library

Your firm will have its own letters, deeds and agreements, as well as forms. Rather than storing them in a separate management system, you can easily add, modify and automate these all within LEAP.

Once you add your firm’s unique documents into the LEAP library, it transforms into a centralised resource readily available to all users. The flexibility to add, modify and automate within LEAP, ensures that your firm’s specific needs are met. Allowing for seamless tailoring of document templates to align with your established practices.

This effortless capability allows everybody in your firm to generate and save documents in the same way, maintaining consistent quality control.

Create matters from a template customised by you

Apart from pre-configured matter types included in LEAP, you also have access to Recurring Matter Templates. As LEAP’s solution to streamlining workflow, the Recurring Matter Template feature enables a firm to take the standard pre-configured LEAP matter type and customise it so that whenever a matter of that type is created, the pre-defined template created by you will be used.

A Recurring Matter Template might include:

  • Repeated information, such as the real estate agent or the expert witness details where most firms will consistently use the same people, company or business

  • A pre-configured folder structure that organises documents in a sensible manner

  • Document templates that are typically used in that matter type, such as the initial letter to client, costs agreement and the file cover sheet

  • Tasks that are critical to the running of a matter

This means that every time a new matter is created using a Recurring Matter Template, the entry of data is minimised, accuracy is maximised and efficiency is optimised.

Unlock automation by entering all matter details in LEAP

You only need to enter the correct matter details once to unlock the power of LEAP automation. This means that your entered details are automatically populated in all documents, letters and forms generated during the conduct of the matter, eliminating manual input.

Furthermore, if there are updates or changes to matter details later on, LEAP will automatically reflect these changes across all relevant documents.

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