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How SOC 2-Certified Software Helps Law Firms Safeguard Sensitive Information

October 25, 2023

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In the 21st century’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, data security and privacy are vital concerns for all businesses and their clients. This is particularly true in the legal sector, where the advent of digital technology has rapidly improved productivity while creating a new set of security challenges.

Today, law firms use software to store, maintain, and share a huge amount of sensitive client information. This has made firms more efficient and profitable, but it’s also raised the stakes when it comes to cybersecurity, since a firm’s failure to safeguard case and client details adequately can pose a serious risk to the firm and its clients. That’s why legal professionals need to be certain that their technology solution uses best-in-class data security measures to maintain the confidentiality of all private and personally identifiable information. Without such measures, you’re exposing your clients and putting your business on the line.

As the only legal practice productivity solution, LEAP is proud to hold the globally recognised SOC 2 Type I certification. This means that LEAP’s internal security measures have been thoroughly vetted and approved by an independent, third-party auditor, affirming that LEAP operates at an extremely high level when it comes to security. This not only demonstrates our commitment to robust security practices but also holds profound importance for our end-user clients. With LEAP, your firm’s data is safe, and your business is constantly protected.

LEAP and SOC 2

While the transition from traditional analog procedures to modern digital solutions offers law firms unparalleled convenience and efficiency gains, it also introduces potential security vulnerabilities.

SOC 2 is the gold standard for security compliance for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. SOC 2 requires that companies establish and follow strict information security policies and procedures touching on the security, availability and confidentiality of customer data.

SOC 2 certification means that LEAP submitted to a stringent examination of its overall security, service availability, information processing integrity and privacy safeguards. The SOC 2 audit result confirms that LEAP systems are designed to keep clients’ sensitive data safe and secure. Security and confidentiality of user data have always been a top priority for LEAP, and this rigorous, independent assessment of our internal security controls validates our dedication and adherence to the highest standards for security and confidentiality.

While SOC 2 certification is important, it is in no way an end to our commitment to our clients and the security of their data. LEAP sees security as the foundation upon which its products are built. That’s why we’re constantly seeking new and innovative ways to keep the security of our platform and organisation working to the highest possible standard.

Importance of SOC-2 Certification to LEAP Law Firms

SOC 2 certification is important to LEAP clients for the following reasons:

  • Data Security and Client Confidentiality: Law firms handle sensitive client information, including legal documents, financial records and personal data. LEAP employs stringent security measures to safeguard their confidential information, reducing data breaches and unauthorised access risks.

  • Business Continuity: Availability is a critical aspect of any cloud service. LEAP’s services are constantly accessible and operational, even in the face of unforeseen disruptions. This translates to uninterrupted service delivery for law firms and enhanced client satisfaction.

  • Risk Mitigation: LEAP is dedicated to identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risks. This proactive approach instills confidence in our clients, reinforcing the long-term partnership between LEAP and our users.

  • Competitive Edge: In a competitive legal technology market, LEAP stands apart as a trustworthy and security-conscious provider. Law firms seeking technology solutions benefit from choosing a vendor that prioritises data protection and has undergone rigorous third-party validation.

  • Client Trust and Peace of Mind: LEAP’s rigorous security measures help build a foundation of trust between LEAP and our clients. This means that our clients don’t spend time worrying about cybersecurity — they know that LEAP has them covered.

Protect Your Firm’s Data with LEAP

As LEAP continues to redefine the landscape of legal technology, LEAP clients and prospective customers can trust that LEAP is an industry leader in privacy and security. In an era marked by digital transformation and evolving cybersecurity threats, the importance of the SOC 2 certification for law firms cannot be overstated. Our dedication to securing our systems and services should resonate deeply with current and prospective clients, who can rest assured that LEAP is taking all necessary steps to operate at the highest standards of data privacy and security, allowing legal professionals to confidently leverage cloud technology systems that will enable them to practice law more efficiently.

To see our SOC 2-certified software in action, request a demo today.

To see our SOC 2-certified software in action, request a demo today.