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How to grow your law firm: insights from Legal Growth

February 5, 2024


Marketing is often confused with advertising and whilst advertising your law firm will attract new business, it’s a measured approach to marketing that will have longer lasting, wider reaching results. As a marketing agency working with law firms across England and Wales, as well as some international clients, we believe strategy trumps quick wins.

With this in mind, we are sharing seven top tips, that you don’t need to engage an agency to work on, which will help you grow your law firm.

1. Building your digital footprint

The legal landscape is pretty competitive and clients only engage with firms after they identify a problem, after which they choose a legal partner. Typically for this to happen they look for trust signals from the brand. A robust digital presence is imperative for any law firm aiming to expand its client base. This means creating a user-friendly website, maintaining active social media profiles and ensuring that your firm is easily discoverable online. A strong digital footprint not only enhances visibility but also fosters trust and credibility among potential clients who are ready to engage.

2. Leveraging LinkedIn and personal branding

LinkedIn, with its professional focus, is an invaluable tool for law firms. Encouraging your team to cultivate their personal brands on this platform can have a multiplicative effect on your law firm’s reach. Team members should actively share and engage with content from the company’s page, contributing to a cohesive yet diverse representation of your firm’s expertise and values. You can expect to increase your audience x8 by using this strategy.

3. Optimising your Google business profile

Your Google business profile is a critical component of your online presence. It's essential to keep this profile updated and to encourage clients to leave reviews here. While platforms like Review Solicitors are useful, Google reviews are often more visible and can significantly influence prospective clients’ perceptions of your firm. Especially when we consider that 93% of web traffic goes through Google, why wouldn’t this be your focus?

4. Creating compelling lead magnets

Lead magnets, such as downloadable guides or free consultations, can be highly effective in attracting potential clients. These offerings should provide real value, addressing common questions or concerns and positioning your firm as a helpful and knowledgeable resource. Lots of firms use these so you need to build trust first. Consider adding client testimonials and videos to the sales funnel when you’re trying to get that information captured.

5. Embracing video marketing

Video content is increasingly dominant in digital marketing. For law firms, this could mean creating informative videos that answer common legal questions or showcasing client testimonials. Videos can be a powerful way to convey your law firm’s personality and expertise, making your services more relatable and accessible. Look at The Legal Queen - a family lawyer who has built an audience of over 500k people on TikTok alone through short form video content. Then there’s The Asset Protection Guy who has amassed an audience of nearly 68k on TikTok.

6. Fish where the fish are

Understanding where your potential clients are most active online is crucial. This involves identifying the platforms they use and the kind of content they engage with. By strategically placing your marketing efforts in these spaces, you increase the likelihood of reaching your target audience effectively. Then, simply use this model to go after your next 10 clients instead of the next one client.

7. Building a position of authority

In line with the principles outlined in Marcus Sheridan's book, "They Ask, You Answer", establishing your firm as an authority in your field is vital. This involves being proactive in answering potential client's questions and concerns through your content and interactions. By doing so, you not only demonstrate expertise but also build trust and rapport with your audience so that, when they contact you, theoretically they are a motivated purchaser.

Growing a law firm in today’s competitive environment requires a multi-faceted approach, combining traditional legal acumen with innovative marketing strategies. By adopting these methods, law firms can not only reach more potential clients but also establish lasting relationships based on trust, expertise and value. It’s brand-based marketing that will stand the test of time. Alternatively, keep throwing money at PPC, Facebook ads and hope for the best.

LEAP has invited Tom Stansfield, Founder of Legal Growth, a marketing agency who provides flexible and affordable solutions to help grow your legal business, to share some techniques on marketing your law firm. For more information on Legal Growth visit

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