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LEAP introduces LawY, providing verified AI generated responses to legal questions

April 22, 2024

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LEAP, the legal practice management productivity solution, announces the launch of its partnership with LawY, a newly integrated AI legal assistant which is exclusively available to users of LEAP. LawY generates fast, accurate responses to legal questions posed by practitioners.

While generative AI can be extremely intelligent, precision and accuracy are paramount in legal matters. LawY uses AI to answer legal questions from an expanding legal knowledge base that grows, improves and learns, with each verified response. LawY employs a pool of experienced and qualified lawyers who act as verifiers, eliminating any risk of error or misinformation. Differing from other AI tools, the results produced within LawY include case law and references to support any findings.

“LawY not only reduces the research burden on practitioners but also ensures that information produced is accurate, reliable and aligns with the rigorous standards upheld by legal practitioners.”

Gareth Walker, CEO, LEAP UK says:

“With LawY, LEAP users get instant answers to their legal questions with the added benefit of having the responses endorsed by genuine legal expertise. It is a powerful productivity tool that hastens legal administration, enabling those firms using our software more time to focus on delivering a top-tier service to their clients.”

Gareth continues,

“In the last year LEAP has invested time and money into developing AI functionality within the software and the LawY integration is just the beginning of a list of exciting new AI features being made available over the coming months.”

"Boosting LEAP's AI capabilities helps users streamline legal tasks, especially useful for those on fixed fees. This investment frees up a lawyer’s time to focus on building strong client connections, offering better expertise to more clients, and ultimately, making more money."

This unique integration enables legal practitioners to deliver faster, more accurate responses and reduces administration efforts, aiding everyday tasks including:

  • Conducting legal research

  • Drafting letters and documents

  • Creating precedent orders

  • Preparing court documents

  • Reviewing case law or legislation

  • Drafting affidavits

  • Proof reading

  • Grammar checking

  • Summarising information

LawY is available as an integrated module to the LEAP user base immediately. Click here for more information.

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