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Partnering with the Bold Legal Group to drive efficiency in conveyancing.

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Working together

Recognising the positive impact of the LEAP Best Practice Standard on conveyancing practices, The Bold Legal Group offers accredited members insightful information resources and specialist online training.

Sharing an ethos of promoting excellence in conveyancing, the synergy between the LEAP Best Practice Standard and the Bold Legal Group is very evident.

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Achieving Conveyancing excellence

The partnership encourages accurate and efficient working through the use of technology and specialist learning. The benefits include:

  • Help minimise risk

  • Improved industry knowledge

  • Achieve greater compliance

  • Continued professional development

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"The LEAP Best Practice Standard is a conveyancing safety blanket. It not only provides internal security and compliance for law firms and fee earners but..."
Rob Hailstone | CEO of the Bold Legal Group

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