In the UK alone, LEAP has migrated data from over 1,200 law firms across 30 different software systems to our cloud-based case management legal software.

Simplifying the procedure of migrating your data our experienced Transitions team are on hand to facilitate your switch to LEAP, supporting your law firm throughout the process.

The type of transition that is performed is largely dependent on how your data is currently stored. Our dedicated Transitions team can migrate data from other practice management systems or Microsoft Excel. With multiple transition options available to suit your data.

LEAP Switch - case management legal software

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Schedule a free demonstration of LEAP at a time that’s convenient to you. When you book a demo, you’ll be personally contacted by a LEAP Product Consultant. Your consultant will tailor your demonstration to your practice areas while showing you how LEAP’s features can increase your productivity and let you work with flexibility.

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Data Transition

At LEAP, we simplify the procedure of migrating your data from your existing software system to our cloud-based practice management solution. Our experienced Transitions team are available to scope, give recommendations and execute a thorough and phased migration plan tailored to your law firms needs.

Each transition is unique. The type of transition that can be performed is largely dependent on how your current case management legal software stores information.

LEAP has transitioned data from over 1200 UK law firms from over 30 different software systems.

Supporting your law firm throughout
the transition

Our team are on hand to guide you throughout the process:

  • Providing an initial consultation.
  • Accessing and testing your data.
  • Running final checks pre-transition.
  • Performing the transition.
  • Reviewing and verifying data post-transition.

Installation & training

Once your data has been successfully transitioned to LEAP, your LEAP Certified Consultant will take you through your installation and training and will be on hand to answer questions and show you how to use LEAP’s features, specific to your areas of practice.

Learn more about LEAP Implementation

Installation - case management legal software
Success - case management legal software

A successful law firm

With a UK based HelpDesk providing LiveChat support and an extensive library of online resources including the LEAP Help Centre online training manual and the LEAP University, LEAP will be there to help you do more of what you love - practise!

We convert data from:

  • Aim (Flat File)
  • Aim (SQL)
  • ALB
  • Alpha Law
  • Clio
  • Cognito
  • DPS
  • Eclipse Proclaim
  • FWBS
  • iLaw
  • Insight Legal
  • Laserform
  • LawByte
  • LawCloud
  • Law Fusion
  • LawPro
  • Legal Ledger
  • LegalOffice LA
  • LegalOffice SP
  • LineTime
  • Meridian
  • MountaIn (DBF)
  • MountaIn (SQL)
  • MSAccessDB
  • MYLegalOffice
  • Norwell
  • OfficeCase
  • Opsis
  • Osprey
  • Paragon
  • PC Law
  • Peppermint
  • Perfect Books
  • PMS
  • PrintAForm Plus
  • Professional Technologies
  • Quill
  • Red Brick
  • Sage
  • Select Legal
  • Solidus
  • Sol-Ledger
  • SOS
  • StrongBox
  • TFB
  • TimeSlice
  • TPS
  • Videss