Document Management Software
legal solution for law firms

Document Management Software legal solution for lawyers

One version of the truth

Providing a completely integrated document management software legal solution and legal accounting in a single application. LEAP’s advanced productivity features include automated document production, tasks and record keeping, time recording, billing and your legal and client accounting.

Storing client information and correspondence in one electronic matter means your data is updated in real-time and accessible from any device to all staff at your law firm.

Manage your documents with ease

All legal documents centrally stored in a matter, accessible to you when you need it.

Effective version control

Captures every change to a document, with integrated version comments making it easy to manage documents. Inbuilt tools make it easy to roll back to a previous version.

Search anything

Advanced correspondence searching makes it easy to find documents across your whole LEAP database, across both live and archived matters.

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Document Management Software legal solution for lawyers
LDocument Management Software legal solution for lawyers

Manage email correspondence

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to send and retrieve email correspondence from your matter via any device, capturing time and maintaining professionalism.

Document Management Software legal solution for lawyers

Produce documents in an instant

Using automated merge fields your matter details are applied to the documents when generated. The solution will also automatically calculate legal rates and charges and apply these where appropriate.

Document Management Software legal solution for lawyers

Share documents securely

LawConnect provides a secure platform to share and collaborate on documents with clients in real-time. Allowing greater control you can see if a client has viewed a document and revoke access if necessary.

Document Management Software legal solution for lawyers

The accurate production of legal forms and precedents is essential to any law firm when processing a matter. LEAP combines world-leading technology with the provision of quality content, the breadth and depth of which enables your law firm to produce legal documents both quickly and accurately, directly from the matter.

Providing a comprehensive, fully automated and up-to-date library of forms and precedents, LEAP ensures document production is simple to do and remains compliant.

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Efficient case management

  • Effective document and email management.
  • Online document sharing.
  • Remote and mobile working capabilities.
  • Automated legal forms and precedents.
  • 24/7 self-service capabilities for your clients.
  • Accurate time recording.
  • Integrated searching.
  • Manage client accounting and billing.
  • Share and collaborate on documents with clients.
  • Reporting capabilities.
  • Integrations with leading legal technology providers.


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