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Empower your law firm with an unrivalled competitive edge by giving your clients a more secure and efficient service.

LawConnect is a secure document management system for law firms and their clients. It integrates seamlessly with LEAP.

Your clients’ documents are safely stored in an organised location on the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

LawConnect gives you better control over shared documents. You can see if a client has viewed a document, access shared documents instantly and revoke access if necessary.

LawConnect provides a secure environment for your firm and your clients to collaborate in real-time. Any party with access to a document can comment and reply on it, making LawConnect ideal for reviewing and refining a document. All parties are kept up-to-date via email with any comments and replies left on a document.

LEAP Value Add-Ons -  LawConnect

How does LawConnect work with LEAP?

LawConnect integrates seamlessly with LEAP. You can share a document directly from the document itself or from the Electronic Matter. Unlike email, access to a document can be revoked at any time.

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eSignatures Secure and simple to use this paperless technology allows your clients to sign documents digitally from anywhere in the world, eliminating delays and driving efficiency.

Greater Collaboration Collaborate on documents with clients, lawyers and other parties with LawConnect’s Comment and Reply feature. Document integrity is maintained and there’s no limit to the number of comments and replies, making it ideal for reviewing and refining a document without back and forth emails.

Security All documents are safely stored on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. This is where all LEAP data is stored and are the most safe and secure facilities available today.

Organisation Most clients do not have a document management system. LawConnect allows clients to have their documents very well organised as standard. It will save you and your clients a great deal of time because of the certainty of where documents are.

Improved Service Sharing your documents has never been easier with LawConnect. Offering your clients instant access to their documents and case files allows them and you to locate the correct version of their documents quickly and review, collaborate and respond accordingly.

Access anywhere You can sign into LawConnect and view, collaborate and share your documents from anywhere in the world, at anytime, whether you’re on a computer or mobile device. Signing into LawConnect is simple and quick – just use your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts.

LawConnect User Interface

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