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Thousands of consumers use LawConnect to view the documents that their lawyers want to share with them.

LawConnect has been created for you to provide better service to your clients. It allows your client to have all the documents that you are working on together, in one place, in an organised structure.

The convenience for your client is that instead of having to search through email folders for important documents, they know exactly where the documents are stored.

Being a secure cloud product, your clients are able to access their matter documents from anywhere in the world via the Internet using their personal login and because only one version of a document exists, you have peace of mind knowing that both you and your client are looking at the same document.

How does LawConnect work with LEAP?

LawConnect integrates seamlessly with LEAP. You can share a document directly from the document itself or from the Electronic Matter. Unlike with email, access to a document can be revoked at any time.

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An alternative to email Email is not secure. Using LawConnect, the documents are never sent using email and cannot be sent to a wrong party by mistake.

Greater Collaboration Because you and your client will look at exactly the same document (not a copy) you have complete certainty that you are both working from and reviewing the same version.

Security All documents are safely stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) the same facilities of which all LEAP data is stored and are as safe and secure as is possible today.

Organisation Most clients do not have a document management system, LawConnect allows clients to have their documents well organised by default. It will save you and your clients a tremendous amount of time because of the certainty of where documents are.

Improved Service Through LawConnect sharing your documents has never been easier. Offering your clients instant access to their documents and case files allows for both yourself and your client to locate the correct version of their documents quickly and review, collaborate and respond accordingly.

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