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Why LEAP | Devices

Why switch from SOS to LEAP?

Since establishment, SOS Legal has catered to the needs of an IT-dependent legal profession, evolving to serve the needs of enterprise law firms (150+ staff) who employ in-house IT teams, developers and third-party consultants to maintain and enhance their SOS software.

Moving forward, SOS will exclusively concentrate on developing new features and functionality for these enterprise law firms, given their capacity to manage the complex customisations the platform offers, to help future proof their practice.

For small to mid-sized law firms, SOS will focus development on ensuring a stable and reliable software solution. However, for firms of this is size wanting ongoing innovation we recommend LEAP.

Eliminating the need for in-house customisation

LEAP provides software enhancements and ongoing innovation as standard, with a forward-thinking approach to emerging technologies like AI. LEAP offers a suite of productivity features, including document assembly, legal publishing, practice management, and legal accounting in one fully integrated solution.

What sets LEAP apart is its dedicated team of content specialists continuously updating forms, precedents, and matter types eliminating the need for time-consuming in-house customisation.

Embracing LEAP allows SME law firms to drive efficiency, improve productivity and operational processes with a cutting-edge cloud solution.

This deliberate approach to focus development of LEAP and SOS on different parts of the law firm market ensures both development and operational strategies are focused on achieving the best outcomes for law firms.

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Providing new innovation as standard

Removing the cost, time, and burden associated with maintaining and developing server-based software in-house, LEAP deliver intuitive and sophisticated software with a modern and easy-to-use interface, offering exceptional value to the law firms that use it. Key differentiators between LEAP and SOS Connect include:

  • Automated legal forms, precedents, guides and commentaries

  • A dedicated mobile app

  • Advanced time recording

  • Client collaboration portal

  • Advanced online payments and debtor chasing

  • Multi-channel customer support

  • Business continuity off-premise

  • Remote working capabilities

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No on-site servers required

As technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, IT systems and hardware quickly become outdated and require change. The cost of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading IT hardware, especially on-site servers, is considerable.

LEAP removes these concerns, with your data securely stored and backed up by Amazon Web Services (AWS). No longer worry about:

  • Backing-up your own server

  • Maintaining and patching your own server

  • Server virus protection

  • Your server reaching data capacity

  • Third-party IT costs

  • Increased air conditioning, fire protection and other server environment necessities – including dedicated floor space

  • Ongoing software development

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Work from anywhere

With its dedicated desktop, mobile, iPad and browser apps, LEAP enables users to be productive, serve clients and collaborate away from any location.

LEAP's dedicated Mobile App enables access to the real-time information and the system's powerful productivity tools when on the go. Scan documents and evidence, capture time and disbursements and create voice notes with ease, all saved back to the matter in an instant.

Switch from SOS to LEAP

Take these three easy steps:

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See LEAP in action

Book a demonstration and discover how LEAP's fully integrated practice management, legal accounting, document assembly and management, and legal publishing solution can drive productivity throughout your business.

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Transition data from SOS

Thanks to the SOS | LEAP partnership, migrating data and information between systems is straightforward. With an experienced transition team on hand to work side by side and ensure your firm is set up correctly and accessing the data you require from day one.

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Receive World-Class Training and Support

Law firms using SOS solutions receive fully-funded implementation, training, and support options to help the switch. Gain support throughout implementation via the User Portal and post go-live, via the LEAP Help Centre, LEAP University, practice productivity advisors, online chat and more.


Helping law firms make the switch

In LEAP, SOS has identified a trusted software partner with longevity in the legal market that delivers cutting-edge, cloud-based software to facilitate future growth.

Thanks to this partnership, migrating data and information between systems is straightforward. With our experienced transition team on hand we will work with you side by side to ensure your firm is set up correctly and accessing the data you require from day one.

Schedule a demonstration today.

"We have reduced overheads significantly"

Mike Leeman of Bell Lamb and Joynson Solicitors explains how LEAP has helped to grow and improve the performance of this already highly successful and well established practice.


Innovative and progressive software

Supporting your workforce, the lifeblood of your business, LEAP drives productivity by providing the tools needed to deliver outstanding service throughout your firm.