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SME Law firms: Using technology to achieve ESG and sustainability goals

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues become a priority for businesses the world over, this informative white paper uncovers how improved ESG and sustainability performance can benefit small to mid-sized law firms improving financial performance, reputation and branding, simplifying recruitment and retention of top talent, reducing risk of regulatory non-compliance and exposure to fraud.

For today’s law firm there are several factors to consider outside the day-to-day running of a practice, including environmental factors such as power and resource usage, carbon emissions; issues around data security; diversity, equity and inclusion; employee recruitment and engagement; business ethics, professional integrity and governance.

Download this white paper to discover how with the right technology you can reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of running a practice as well as facilitate good governance and high standards of business ethics whilst improving law firm performance.

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Everything you need to manage the day-to-day requirements of a law firm

  • Access matter details including all matter correspondence

  • Send emails and forward documents

  • View critical dates, tasks and calendar entries

  • Find contact details for all parties on any matter

  • View location details for your appointments with integrated maps

  • View staff contact information

  • Create, edit and view time entries on any matter

  • Make timed calls directly from the matter

The only practice management software you need to run a law firm

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