Workflow - Automate, standardise and regulate legal processes

Automate, standardise and regulate legal processes

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Automate the management of your matters

LEAP's workflow toolkit allows you to build intelligent matter specific workflows through the intuitive drag and drop interface to automate document production, order InfoTrack searches, create tasks and appointments, update critical dates, create notes and post financial transactions.

Each Work Item can automate the generation of LEAP documents, update critical dates, order searches or create tasks and appointments or post financial transactions.

Achieve differing outcomes by asking questions and group Work Items together to simplify processes. Assign due days and default staff members to build a truly automated workflow for the matter, enabling you to manage them efficiently and delivering a consistent service to your clients.

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Simple, effective workflows

The intuitive easy to use workflow builder takes the hard work out of building a standard way of working, allowing you to manage workload and case progress across all matters.

LEAP's Workflow toolkit allows you to create matter specific workflows, enabling you to manage your matters efficiently and delivering a consistent service to your clients.

Benefits of LEAP's Workflow toolkit

Efficient working

Proactively prompts staff to complete tasks in the correct order across all matters.

Oversee all tasks

Monitor what staff are working on and easily reassign work as appropriate.


Ensure all matters are run in the same way, delivering consistency to your clients.

Automate standard processes and streamline the way you work

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