End-to-end digital conveyancing

End-to-end digital conveyancing

Seamless integration with LEAP

As a user of LEAP case management software, you have access to InfoTrack which provides one platform to complete your digital conveyancing tasks end-to-end. A powerful suite of solutions from client onboarding and searches to post-completion and e-signature services, InfoTrack with LEAP digitises the entire conveyancing process to assure compliance and productivity throughout. Seamless, two-way integration between the systems empowers your firm to operate more efficiently, ensures you save up to 30% of time per matter and never lose a disbursement again.

Property Report

The Property Report feature empowers you to create a standardised report on title in as little as 15 minutes, improving consistency across your firm. Remove the risk of errors and assure compliance, highlighting potential risks within your transaction such as missing information, providing quality control to support your firm’s due diligence process.

eCOS (electronic client onboarding)

eCOS brings together everything you need to digitally onboard your clients with the Verification of Identity (VOI) solution being a crucial piece of the due diligence process. The VOI solution provides a powerful suite of technology that delivers bank-grade client ID verification in minutes, not days.


By enabling eSignature technology, signatures can be easily obtained when onboarding new clients. This technology will provide you with a fast and secure way of obtaining client signatures with a PDF certificate saved back to the matter to authenticate the signature. This provides an alternative for the need to print, scan and post documents usually associated with delays.

LMS integration

InfoTrack’s integration with the lender panel manager, LMS, enhances your workflow so you can keep lenders up-to-date effectively. Reducing manual processes and driving efficiency, you can inform lenders of milestone document updates including priority searches (OS1 & OS2), AP1 registration, and accept mortgage offers via your InfoTrack dashboard.

These solutions are all directly accessible from the electronic matter in LEAP without having to re-key any data, with relevant results returned and automatically debited to the matter ledger.

Benefit from LEAP’s seamless integration
with the InfoTrack platform.

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InfoTrack’s integration with LEAP means you can connect to the InfoTrack platform at the click of a button. With just one window and one login, InfoTrack removes the need to visit multiple sites to access information, obtain your searches, submit your SDLT, lodge your AP1, onboard clients electronically, automate your report on title and much more.

True Integration

With direct, two-way communication between InfoTrack and LEAP, information is shared seamlessly between both systems. All results and documentation from InfoTrack are sent back into your LEAP matter and stored for 7 years. All costs incurred in InfoTrack are sent back to the ledger in LEAP and identified against the matter number.

Efficiency and Accuracy

With pre-populated information using data from your matter in LEAP, you reduce the need to re-key information, minimise errors and maintain consistency across systems. Providing a single source of truth, the integration between InfoTrack and LEAP enhances your compliance with a digital record easily accessible at any time.

Powerful Tools

InfoTrack gives firms access to a powerful suite of digital conveyancing, commercial and corporate services tools including eCOS (electronic client onboarding solution), SignIT and Property Report. Using technology to take on the burden of paper-intensive administrative tasks you’re empowered to focus on delivering an exceptional client experience with every transaction.

One Consolidated Bill

All charges are consolidated into a single monthly bill from InfoTrack, making reconciliation simple and reducing the chance of missed disbursements, while minimising the time spent on administrative tasks.